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on NYTimes: Revealing the Terror of Sleep Paralysis
ranita roy
May 2, 2019

One rainy night in 2015, Ranita Roy was startled awake by the feeling that an intruder was in her bedroom. She tried yelling, but discovered she could not move a single muscle.

“I wanted to open my eyes and run away from the room but I couldn’t,” Ms. Roy recalled of that night in her parents’ house in Kolkata, India. “It felt like I was drowning. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see, but I could feel everything. It felt like someone was looking at me in the room but when I opened my eyes there wasn’t really anyone there.”

Revealing the Terror of Sleep Paralysis
To help people understand a condition that frightened her at night, Ranita Roy used photography to visualize her experiences.

Ranita Roy Photography

Ranita Roy is an Indian female photojournalist based in India.
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